Apr 06

Advanced Spanish – Unit 5 “El Viajar”

Apr 06

Humanities Unit 4 – The Gifts and Curses of the Civilized World

Feb 06

Advanced Spanish Unit 4 – “Tecnología y Comunicaciones”

Jan 20

Humanities Unit 3 – The Legacies of Ancient Greece and Rome

Dec 08

Humanities Unit 2 – The Origins of Humanity

Nov 01

SpADV-Unit 3 Emergencias

Oct 03

SpADV-Conference Reflections

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  • Write a reflective paragraph with proper conventions on Unit 1 and the first part of Unit 2.
  • Please Title the Paragraph as Mid-Semester Reflection.
  • Feel free to address the Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions from the units.
  • Other questions to guide your writing – How has your understanding deepened as a result of the unit? What answers did you discover to the questions? What did you learn? What were your strengths during the unit? Where would you like to focus your efforts as we move forward? What have we done this year that really showcases your strengths as a Spanish learner? You should also talk about your goals for the year. What about Learning Habits?
  • Like in any good ANALYTICAL PARAGRAPH, claims, evidence and comments are most appreciated!

Oct 03

SpADV-Unit 2 Disasters

Sep 26

Cuneiform Challenge


Can you guess what I’ve written? Write your translation in the comments!

This experience of writing in cuneiform was eye opening for me. I thought that it would be much easier than it was, but I realized that it was difficult. I couldn’t believe how much work was required just to write one letter. The Sumerians must have been very dedicated to getting their ideas written down to have the patience to do this work. 

Aug 17

Back To School Night

Thank you so much for coming to visit with me tonight.

Please take some time to look at the presentation again and contact me with more questions.



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