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May 29

Summer Review!

READING Join my newsela class and practice reading leveled Spanish articles this summer! Browse through the levels until you find the right fit! Here’s a summer reading club that you can join! Here’s another website with lots of good reading resources!   LISTENING AND GRAMMAR FROM REALIDADES Use to practice the material presented. Move …

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Feb 09

Reading Practice!

Spanish students,   Here is a link to an amazing online library where you can access story books in Spanish and read them online!

Mar 09

Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences

As we prepare for conferences this week, I’d like you to take time to reflect on your learning. You might look at any reflections and goals that you’ve already written about, or start something new. I’d like this reflection written on your blog, on your Spanish PAGE. If you need to do some reorganizing of …

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Apr 30

SpINT-Proyecto de Escribir Unidad 5

Summative Assessment – Escribir – Rutinas Diarias Standards 1.3.8  Write short, well-organized compositions on age-appropriate topics of interest (this standard is about organization and unit vocabulary) 1.4.8  Understand the necessary grammatical and syntactical functions in languages, and use them in the target language. (this standard is about grammar [reflexive verbs, past, future]) Task Today’s Mistake and Tomorrow’s …

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Apr 10

SpINT-9 y 10 abril

SpINT – Rutinas Diarias Día 4 Vocabulary Quiz Strip Designer Edits Make sure you post your comic as an image on your blog and give me a printed copy.

Mar 31

SpINT-28 y 31 marzo

Today’s slides. Practice your vocab! SpINT-28 31 marzo FINAL

Mar 27

SpINT-26 y 27 marzo

Today’s slides with “See, Think, Wonder” photos – SpINT-26 27 marzo FINAL

Mar 05

SpINT-5 marzo

Here is the rubric work you did today.

Mar 03

SpINT-4 marzo

Here’s the link to the rubric design you did. Here’s the context, etc.

Feb 24


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