Aug 15

Humanities 6 – Beginning of the Year

Here is a copy of the Beginning of Year slide show. Check back often to see the new slides we add every day!

Aug 15

Español Avanzado – Unidad 1 Repaso

Here is a copy of the slide show for Unit 1. Check back often to see the slides as they get added!

Aug 09

What are sixth graders excited about?

After a whirlwind first day of school, I posed a simple question to my sixth grade humanities students: What are you most excited about?
Here are their answers!


Aug 09

Google Classroom Join Codes

These links are for STUDENTS to join the Google Classroom group that matches their section.


Humanities 3/8 – s9xehbf

Humanities 2/7 – 94f3qf

Advanced Spanish 4 – nhcdiiq

Aug 08

Welcome back!

welcomeWelcome back to school year 2016-2017!
This year promises to be an exciting year full of learning and nurturing student growth in thinking.

Please take some time to explore the blog and let me know if you find anything that excites you about the year ahead. (Please also let me know if you find any broken links or outdated information!)


Sr. Coleman

May 29

Summer Review!


Join my newsela class and practice reading leveled Spanish articles this summer! Browse through the levels until you find the right fit!

Here’s a summer reading club that you can join!

Here’s another website with lots of good reading resources!



Use to practice the material presented.

Move slowly through the chapters, doing the Practice Activities and listening to the Listening Activities. Remember that the Repaso del Capitulo is the vocabulary that you had to memorize. You’ll also want to do the Reading Skills and Puzzles. When you feel confident, you can do the Test Preparation activities.

SPAN 6 – jak 0001
INT SPAN – jbk 0001
ADV SPAN – jdk 0001

These codes take you to the home page for each textbook. From there, navigate to the current chapter for the relevant practice activities.

If you feel like you need more explanation of grammar than what’s offered on the “Repaso del Capitulo,” a quick Google search of the topic will offer lots of resources.

I recommend and for easy to understand explanations.

Here is the link to the BBC’s 22 episode Spanish learning program, Mi Vida Loca. Work your way through the episodes to practice!


The web site Quizlet has more vocabulary resources than you’ll know what to do with. Search by topic or even by Realidades chapters to practice and improve your vocab over the summer!


Follow these links to see the syllabi for my classes.
Spanish 6
Intermediate Spanish
Advanced Spanish


May 17

SpADV-Unit 5 Viajar

May 14

Humanities Debates!

Take a look at our Globalization Debates!

Video 2 part 1
Video 2 part 2

Video 3 Part 1
Video 3 Part 2

Video 4 Part 1
Video 4 part 2

Apr 21

SpADV-Requisitos para el Proyecto de Viajar


  • 21/22 abril – World Tour!
  • 26/27 abril – Further introductions and some Work Time
  • 2/3 mayo – Work Time
  • 4/5 mayo – Peer-review and final tweaks in class
  • 6/9 mayo – Oral Presentations in Class!

To convince an MS Spanish Club to choose a trip to your country.  As such, your speech should be comprehensible, engaging and natural-sounding.  Your trip should be fun, interesting and feasible.  It needs to combine fun activities, cultural activities and a bit of learning (history, language study, etc).  The students have 2 weeks to travel door-to-door.

An MS Spanish Club

Research Guidelines
2. OFFICIAL tourism site
4. Guidebooks

Grammar Guidelines
Use of multiple tenses, focusing on using the present perfect to differentiate your trip from other trips that have happened in the past.

Vocabulary Guidelines
Wide/above average range of vocabulary from Chapters 8A and 8B. Infrequent vocabulary mistakes do not interfere with the meaning.

Presentation Guidelines
Power Point, Keynote or Google Presentation
Presentation Zen presentation
CC or your own Images

What is Presentation Zen?

Aquí está una clave para ayudar con las normas de presentaciones “Zen.”  Yo no voy a usar la clave para tu nota, pero debes usarla como referencia.

Tus fotos pueden ser tus propias fotos, o tú debes usar fotos con licensia de Creative Commons con un atribución apropriada.  Aquí está una función que te permite buscar sus imágenes en Google Search con licensias CC:

More sites for images:

EXAMPLE This is a SHORTENED example of what your presentation might look like.

Apr 06

SpFUN-Unit 4 Comidas y Bebidas

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