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Jan 12

SpFun-Unit 3: Actividades y Educación

Jan 14

SpFUN-14 enero

Today’s blank slides. Today’s Annotated slides. Remember-when you’re absent you can work through the blank slides on your own, and then compare your work to the annotated slides. Come back to school ready to talk about what you think you understand and what you aren’t sure about.

Jan 12

SpFUN-12 enero

Today’s Blank Slides Today’s Annotated Slides   HW: After reviewing the slides on how to conjugate -AR verbs and reviewing the new Unit 3 vocabulary, keep working on the blank slides to give the infinitive and conjugations for each of the drawings.

Feb 26

SpFUN-26 febrero

Organizing -AR, -ER and -IR regular verbs SpFUN-26 febrero

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