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May 08

SpADV-8 mayo

Las Diapositivas Anotadas – SpADV-8 mayo Final *The information about the conditional tense is for your awareness. Using the information that you have about the future, you can make the conditional easily. You can also make the Future Perfect and the Conditional Perfect! Yo he comido.  – I HAVE eaten. Yo comeré. – I WILL eat. …

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May 06

SpADV- 6 mayo

Aquí estan las diapositivas anotadas de hoy. SpADV-6 mayo FINAL

May 03

AVAN-Apuntes y Actividades 3 de mayo

Use these handouts to help you start your final writing project for the Unit. You’ll write an op-ed, which is a combination of a news article and a letter to the editor. Here’s an example. The project will be due at the end of next class, so make sure you have a plan and the …

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Apr 20

AVAN-Apuntes y Actividades

SA-U6 Dia 2

Apr 18

AVAN-Apuntes y Actividades 18 de abril

SA-U6 Dia 1

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