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Feb 09

Reading Practice!

Spanish students,   Here is a link to an amazing online library where you can access story books in Spanish and read them online!   http://www.childrenslibrary.org/icdl/SimpleSearchCategory?ids=&pnum=1&cnum=1&text=&lang=English&langid=61

Oct 08

SpFUN-Felipe is a normal boy. Reading unit!

Today we finished our Felipe Unit! 🙁   We did a translation test for Episode 10 and then wrote a reflection of our learning on our blogs. If you were absent, please see me for the make-up and write the reflection (see the last slide for more info).  

Oct 08

HUMS-Unit 2 Power and Change Through Authors’ Craft

THURSDAY: We continued drafting and revising our Historical Fiction Narratives. We focused on specific areas of revision in Stations and tried to compare our work against the criteria for success. Don’t forget to use the Assignment sheet to make sure your writing meets the standard. Wed, Oct 7: ELLIS ISLAND SIMULATION Tues, Oct 6: Slides 93-94 …

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Sep 15

SpADV- 15, 16 septiembre Artículos de los Desastres

Artículo 1 – Inundaciones en India y Pakistán Artículo 2 – Incendios en California Artículo 3 – Huracán Odile (PDF – Asciende a seis la cifra de muertos por el paso de huracán Odile en México) Artículo 4 – Lluvias fuertes en Chiapas, México Artículo 5 – Tormentas en Calgary, Canadá

Feb 25

SpFUN-25 febrero

Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro – Capítulo Dos Teatro del Lector   La presentación – Slides 18-30

Feb 23

SpFUN-Brandon Brown Quiere Un Perro

Review the slides!

Oct 20

SpADV-20, 21 octubre

Today’s Slides Make sure you practice for the speaking quiz on Wednesday. In order to be successful, follow the model we did in class. Listen to your sample over and over again, using the rubric to inform your self-analysis.  Identify areas for improvement, then create another sample. There will also be a reading assessment.

Sep 22

SpFUN-22 septiembre

Here are the first two episodes of Felipe. Compare my annotations to yours to make sure you are doing things correctly! Felipe 1 and 2 Annotated

Sep 05

Sp6-Apuntes y Actividades 5 de septiembre

Click here for the reading activity. S6Unit1Day10 [pdf http://jcoleman.msblogs.aes.ac.in/files/2012/09/S6Unit1Day10.pdf]  

Aug 21

Intermedio – Apuntes y Actividades 21/22 de agosto

SI-Unit 1 Day 5 [pdf http://jcoleman.msblogs.aes.ac.in/files/2012/08/SI-Unit-1-Day-5.pdf]

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